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I was brought up in Oban on the West Coast of Scotland. I've worked in IT as a software engineer for all of my professional life, cutting my coding teeth on the ZX81. I went freelance in 1994 and when not coding at the keyboard, I like to brew beer.

Solution for disappearing mesh in Godot

I am now using shaders in Godot to model the early version sails in Square Rigger. I noticed that when rendering the main scene, the mesh disappears when viewed from behind. According to https://godotengine.org/qa/18211/blender-created-meshes-appear-transparent-when-viewed-inside this is because back facing polygons are culled. Add [...]

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Sails using shaders in Godot

I've abandoned using SoftBody in Godot to model my initial proof of concept sails in Square Rigger. Now I'll be modelling them using shaders. This is new territory for me and in addition, I'm terrible at maths. I'm also starting to get a development workflow going and have discovered how to disable lights in isolated [...]

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Godot soft bodies & wind

My 18th Century sailing ship simulator Square Rigger will be initially developed within an imaginary proof of concept pacific atol. The atol will act as a confined sandbox to allow me to implement all of the features required for the simulator. Once this is done I can expand the area out into a real world [...]

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Playing with water in Godot

The excellent Hydro module for Godot offers modelling of water, waves and buoyant objects. I have been experimenting with it as the basis of a new game project which is temporarily called Square Rigger. So far I am very impressed with the results and will be doing some basic hull modelling and tweaking of [...]

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No more Android native apps

After working hard since mid 2015 on native Android apps, I have decided it is just too much effort to maintain these. I can feel some consolation in holding the number one position on Google Play for one of my apps for over a year. I was using libGdx as my third party graphics library, [...]

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