Square Rigger (working title) will be a simulation of a square rigged tall ship from the 18th Century. Its main method of propulsion was obviously the wind. The goal here is to model the wind such that the direction and strength can be altered at will.

Modelling the wind in Godot involves a number of Godot scenes. For development purposes the wind is generated in its own scene and is updated by a timer. It moves round in a circle governed by a degree value which will eventually be mapped to points of the compass allowing fine grained control. A wind cone in its own scene has been added to help me with visually debugging the actions of the wind. All of these are then loaded programmatically into the final main scene for rendering.

At some point later in the development of the game the player will be standing on the deck of the ship. In order that they can set the sails accordingly they need to be able to know the direction of the wind. To that end I have added a proof of concept pennant to the main mast which rotates in the up axis of the hull to point to the direction of the wind.

Today’s featured image is https://pixabay.com/images/id-425046/